Work Experience *

AI Engineer Intern 👩🏻‍💼

(March 2021 - July 2021)

Company website: SmartPeep

Highlight Projects *

Juggling Pattern Recognition

Utilized object detection technique,
human pose estimation, and deep
learning model to classify juggling
siteswap pattern and analyze player's

AR-Business Card

Utilized ArUco Marker and OpenCV
library for 2D object homography
projection as well as OpenGL library for 3D
modelling and model projection.

Text Sentiment Analysis

A text sentiment discord bot
that was done by utilizing
Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK),
Machine Learning, and discord
bot APIs.

Machine Learning Projects

Implemented Machine Learning (ML)
techniques and ML pipeline from
data processing, cleaning, and
analysis (EDA) to modelling.

Deep Learning Projects

Implemented Deep Learning (DL)
techniques for neural network
model such as MLP from scratch,
CNN, and RNN.

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